• Five Star Quality Home at Fraction of Cost
  • Sleeps up to 14 with 4 Bedrooms and Convertible Game Room
  • Fully Managed and Maintained
  • Adjacent to Water and Dock
  • Professionally Decorated with Luxury Amenities
  • Deeded Ownership; Ability to Bequeath or Resell
  • Ongoing Costs Split Multiple Ways


"A year later and nothing changed. Our 2nd stay at Solitude was even better than the first. We were able to celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary on the island we love, with all the people we love. This house lacks nothing (I even found beach towels this time)! We were able to introduce family to a little piece of paradise. I still think the house should be called something besides "Solitude," not that it's a bad thing but with so much to do, its more like "Adrenaline Paradise." Plus, you never feel guilty eating because you get such a workout on those stairs! Honestly we love the house (2nd time here) and will probably be back again...same time next year! Thank you!"

Heather, Gifford, Tiffany, Craig, Jason, and Kathy

"Wow, where to begin...  a lost ring, a lost camera and a loss of sobriety.  Wow this place was amazing.  Can't wait to come back. This is the new Palladino Palace! This fun added year to our life. Thank you! One of the best islands I have visited! The house is beautiful just enough room for all of our favorite people! We are already planning another trip with the other side of our family! There are so many fantastic sunset spots - go to the north side!"

Savannah, GA

Own a Piece of Paradise

And now for an unbelievable opportunity…The current owners of Solitude recently decided to broaden the ownership and sell up to four of the seven shares. You too can own a piece of paradise. As a fractional owner on parity with the current owners, you would own the home, not just a right to leased time. You get the privileges of an owner with the service of a client. The benefits are numerous.

As an owner, you would have access to the property up to your proportional share of days per year. To maximize your value, you may choose to offer Solitude to renters when not in use. The property is professionally managed, including maintenance, cleaning, renter interaction, accounting, and interior design. We aim to manage Solitude to five-star standards in all areas. The costs of owning a share of Solitude is comparable with being the sole owner of a house a fraction of the size and quality, but with far fewer headaches.

For a detailed floor plan and a tour of Solitude, please visit Rental Information.

More about Fractional Ownership

Fractionals (aka private residence clubs) are shared ownership arrangements that tend to be larger, luxury units that appeal to mid- to high-end buyers. Fractional ownership is not a timeshare. The property is managed by a designated party and governed by a user agreement. In this case, current owners (one of which local) and the club’s long-standing property management service will oversee property management. Currently, half of all fractionals are located in the rocky mountain region but its popularity continues to expand, especially in Florida. In addition to real estate, other property can be fractionalized, e.g. Berkshire Hathaway's NetJets.